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Temporary Covid-19 Office Procedures

In response to the current health situation, we will no longer have in-office meetings.  We are able to accept information in a variety of ways, including Dropbox software, a document dropbox outside our door, US Postal Service or e-mail.  We request that our clients use one of these methods.  Should these methods not be adequate, we request a short drop off at our front window.  If there is information that need be discussed or items needing further description, please provide a summary or call or e-mail to describe them.

We can delivery client documentation in various ways including mail or e-mail.  Clients can also pick up information with a brief stop at our front window.  We request that clients who pick up their information review it at their home and contact us with any questions.

Payments can be made in several ways.  We accept payments mailed to us or credit card payments over the phone.  We will also accept payments upon pick up at the front window.

These unusual times require that we modify our approach temporarily.  We ask that all clients help us with these policies by shortening or temporarily eliminating office visits.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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