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Servicing our clients is the reason we exist. Our objective is to help our clients reach their goals by providing reliable answers, exceptional service, and innovative solutions. 


Professional, motivated and fulfilled associates are crucial to all of our goals as a firm. Our objective is to provide not only a career where our associates can grow professionally, but one which allows them to achieve a balance between work and the rest of their lives.

How we accomplish our mission...

  • Recruit the best associates to carry out our mission.
  • Retain those associates by creating conditions which allow them to balance their careers with the most important aspect of their lives - their families.
  • Provide extensive in-house and off-site training to enable associates to better service clients.
  • Establish a culture of extraordinary care for every client and for every member of our firm that becomes the standard to be emulated by other firms.
  • Provide answers, counsel and sound business recommendations in the manner expected of us while being the first professional resource for our clients.
  • Never abandon the principle of integrity as it alone is our highest standard.
  • Preserve key aspects of the existing culture of Patton & Associates while considering future growth, acquisitions and trends.
  • Be prudent and conscientious in our business decision making, assuring a long lasting and financially secure business future and to work with clients who share a similar vision.
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